Two Elderly Black Women Kicked Off Train in Freezing Cold After Support Dog Excreted Onboard

by Xara Aziz
Voiced by Amazon Polly

Amtrak has Black Twitter up and arms after a passenger heading to Chicago captured two elderly Black women getting kicked off one of their trains at a stop in Colorado.

In a series of TikTok videos, a user by the name of @bellskunk posted a scene of two officers and two Black women who he says were “being mistreated.”

“You won’t believe what you’re about to witness,” the user, who is a White man, wrote.

The elderly women, according to conversation heard in the video, were asked to exit the railway carriage because they were in possession of a small Pomeranian support dog that had just released feces while onboard. As the officers were chatting with the elderly women, the man behind the camera asked if they were being escorted off because they were Black.

After the officers inform the pair that Amtrak could remove them from the train for any reason, the man chimes in again: You’re kicking them off “because their little doggie had to take a poo poo,” which they immediately cleaned. He further went on to state that the officers were bothering the women because of their race.

In a second upload, officers begin to escort the women and their belongings off the train.

“Never take the decision of Amtrak employees. [The women] didn’t do anything wrong,” the user said in the video.

In a third video, the user accuses the conductor of “professional misconduct.”

Finally, the user posts a video asking an Amtrak employee how he feels about the officers “kicking off two Black ladies.”

“I have no comment,” the employee responds.

Commenters began to flood his comments with words of accolade for his actions.

“Thank you for standing with these ladies. You are awesome!!! The world needs a lot more like you!!!!!” wrote one commenter.

“Thank you for being a decent human and speaking up and defending them as best you could. Thanks for recording too,” wrote another.

The videos quickly began to circulate on Twitter, where users expressed outrage over the incident.

“Two elderly Black women headed to Chicago on an Amtrak were kicked off the train by police after their support dog pooped. (They cleaned it up immediately and were polite.) The women were left stranded somewhere in Colorado in the cold.”

“Two Black women were kicked off an Amtrak just because their emotional support dog pooped. They cleaned it up immediately, but @Amtrak called the cops on them anyways. They were trying to go to Chicago for Christmas and were stranded in Grand Junction, CO in the freezing cold.”

“Shame on you @Amtrak! I’m a loyal rider and very disappointed to hear about the incident in Grand Junction! Stranding two elderly ladies because their service dog pooped on the train. And they cleaned it up! Of all days, on Christmas! #amtrak”

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