Victoria Monét Fires Social Media Team Member For Liking A Post In JT-GloRilla Fight: ‘I Don’t F*ck With Black Women Beefing Online’

by Grace Somes
Victoria Monét || Image credit: @victoriamonet

The seven-time Grammy nominee has taken her respect card a notch after firing someone on her social media team for using her official account to indulge in the vivacious JT-GloRilla beef.

What started the beef between GloRilla and JT is unclear, as both sides continue denying reasons for their fight.

According to one account, the fight started brewing last October at the MTV VMAs, where JT allegedly brushed Glo off at the awards show. Another side of the story says that GloRilla allegedly slapped JT at an award show, which JT denied.

In all the back and forth, fans quickly caught a retweet from Victoria Monét’s account siding with the post dissing JT.

Although the retweet was quickly pulled down, Victoria Monét has come out to debunk her involvement in the social media activity.

According to the “Girls Need Love” singer, she was not the one handling her Twitter account at the time of the incident.

“A retweet about JT’s mugshot that I didn’t do. I have an entire team logged into my accounts to make tweets and posts for me when I’m busy.

“I haven’t been on my phone, so I got pulled out of rehearsal to be told that someone on my social media team did something that they weren’t supposed to do, thinking that they were logged into their account,” she said in a video she uploaded online.

Victoria Monét further explained how the situation happened on her blind side.

She continued, “I guess they were going back and forth between their account and my account and pressed the button that they shouldn’t have fcken pressed. Which is really irritating because I really have no problem with either of them. I don’t fck with black women beefing online. Like I want everybody to love each other and support each other. Like I’m your world peace bitch.

Monét updated fans on the measures she had taken to rectify the situation, hoping that it would never repeat itself in the future.

“I wish to say that people knew that about my character. But how would you know? It came from my account, so you have every right to cuss me out, not knowing that it actually wasn’t me,” she continued. “But let me make it clear that I would never do that. I like my black women. I support my black women. I only uplift them. And the person who did it is fired!”

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