Virginia Community Voice: This Nonprofit Is Taking The Lead In Empowering Communities And Transforming Lives

by Gee NY
Whitehurst-Gibson (L) is the Founder and CEO of Virginia Community Voice. Image credit: Style Weekly

In the heart of the Commonwealth, Virginia Community Voice (VACV) has emerged as a beacon of change, championing a vision where decisions are not just made but made equitably.

With a dedicated mission to empower residents in historically marginalized communities and ensure institutions respond effectively, VACV is making waves through its transformative initiatives.

At the forefront is “RVA Thrives,” a groundbreaking project that amplifies neighborhood leadership in decision-making processes, particularly impacting Richmond’s vibrant Southside.

By placing neighbors at the center of these crucial decisions, RVA Thrives seeks to foster a sense of ownership and empowerment, ensuring that the diverse voices of the community are not only heard but actively contribute to the shaping of their neighborhoods.

Complementing this community-centric approach is the “Community Voice Blueprint,” a strategic initiative by VACV aimed at preparing institutions to engage with historically marginalized communities in an equitable manner.

This blueprint serves as a guide, offering insights and methodologies for institutions to not only listen but to genuinely understand and respond to the unique visions and needs of these communities.

The nonprofit is founded by Lea Whitehurst-Gibson, the current CEO.

Whitehurst-Gibson is also a seasoned community organizer. Prior to leading Virginia Community Voice, Lea was the Director of Community Engagement at Thriving Cities Group.

Virginia Community Voice stands as a catalyst for positive change, bridging the gap between communities and institutions.

VACV has been acknowledged as one of the Black-led community service organizations making a real difference.

As they work tirelessly towards a Commonwealth where equity is at the forefront of every decision, VACV invites everyone to join hands in building a more inclusive and empowered Virginia.

Together, let’s shape a future where every voice is not just acknowledged but truly matters.

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