Proud Mom Gets All Her Three Daughters Enrolled Into College Before They Turned 15

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Image Credit: Black News

Melissa Williams of San Antonio, Texas, has achieved an extraordinary feat by enrolling her three daughters in college before they turn 15.

Attending Miles College, an HBCU, the sisters have earned scholarships, showcasing their academic prowess.

Williams, a dedicated mother of six, homeschooled her children, tailoring curriculums to their strengths.

Alana, the first to graduate in 2021 at 14, excelled in online studies and is now pursuing a biology pre-med major at Miles College. Following her, Aniyah graduated at 13 with a 3.0 GPA, majoring in business/pre-law at the same college. Adina, the youngest to join, graduated at 14 with a 3.5 GPA, entering college as a political science major.


Three of Melissa Williams’ daughters are on track to have college degrees prior to turning 18, but the girls said they are not geniuses. #satx #sanantonio #sanantoniotx #txnews #goodnews

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Despite facing challenges, the Williams sisters credit their success to their mother’s unwavering support and strong relationship with God.

“I take my responsibility as a mother seriously. I look at it as an assignment from God. So I work it whole soul, whole heart,” Williams, 42, told KENS5 News.

With a focus on academic and personal growth, they aim to make a positive impact on campus.

The Williams family’s remarkable journey, which first broke in September of 2023, highlights the power of education, resilience, and familial support.

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