Roda Osman: Woman Charged In Alleged GoFundMe Scam After False Claim She Was Assaulted With A Brick

by Gee NY

Roda Osman, the woman who recently made headlines for her claims of being assaulted with a brick outside a Houston club, is now facing serious legal consequences as authorities charge her with felony theft by deception.

The 33-year-old is accused of orchestrating a fraudulent GoFundMe campaign, raising at least $40,000 by falsely asserting that she was the victim of a brick attack over three years ago.

Osman’s initial assault claims, made on September 3, 2023, gained viral attention on social media.

She reported being attacked with a brick after refusing to give a man her phone number outside a Houston club. However, the investigation raised discrepancies as Osman provided conflicting statements.

According to charging documents, Osman’s friend present at the scene contradicted her account, expressing skepticism about the brick assault.

Surveillance footage obtained by detectives further contradicted Osman’s version, showing her, the friend, and the alleged assailant entering a club together.

The footage challenged the narrative of a brick attack, exposing inconsistencies in Osman’s claims.

The situation escalated when it was revealed that a GoFundMe account had been created just a day after the reported assault, raising a significant amount by capitalizing on Osman’s alleged victimhood.

The page described Osman as a woman who had been hospitalized after a brick attack, claiming she was surrounded by men who did nothing.

TikTok user and mental health advocate Daphne Sutton alerted police to a potential scam, citing a similar incident in Minneapolis in 2020 where Osman allegedly orchestrated a fraudulent GoFundMe campaign.

As detectives delved into Osman’s past, they discovered a history of charges in various locations, including the Virgin Islands, Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Williamson County, and Travis County.

Osman is currently out on bail for a separate offense involving felony assault and domestic violence in Steele County, Minnesota, from September 22, 2023.

The Harris County District Attorney’s Office is seeking $50,000 bail for the theft by deception charge Osman faces in Houston. The GoFundMe account associated with her alleged scam has been frozen after multiple donors reported it as fraudulent.

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