Azealia Banks Says Male Managers Almost Ruined Her Career

by Shine My Crown Staff

Azealia Banks came close to being blacklisted from the industry following a series of online disputes with fellow rappers and industry bigwigs.

This week, a fan raised on social media that Banks seemed to be “getting gradually more sane,” over time.

Banks says it’s because she now has a female manager.

“This is what having a female manager who isn’t robbing you blind then f**king you in every hole and tossing you off a bridge does!!! Less stress, less worry, business sorted – can RELAX at the studio and CREATE from a pure place,” she says in response to the tweet. “Male managers have just always bought this extra layer of romance, jealousy and sabotage to my career that absolutely NO ONE F**KING ASKED FOR.”

Once one of the most promising artists in Hip-Hop, the “212” rapper was gradually isolated from her peers, earning a reputation as a troublemaker. While Banks made many valid points about her the politics of the entertainment industry, her more controversial views and, at times, choice of particularly foul language overshadowed her excellent points.

“Y’all really have no clue of the type of s**t women go thru in this industry and have no idea the type of traumatic s**t I’ve had happen behind the scenes since SEVENTEEN. When the s**t is happening SO RAPIDLY you never get a chance to sit the f**k down and process anything!”

Banks implies that male managers do not understand the emotional time strenuous working schedules can do.

“Even trying to tell a male manager that you’re not feeling well and need support will cause them to discard you – as if you aren’t the one losing sleep, skipping meals, and making sacrifices to line their pockets. When they leave your entire business operations in shambles out of spite – to make you think you needed them it just turns into misdirected anger, self-loathing, discouragement, and non-productivity.”

She says she is “miles” happier that she has a female manager.

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