GloRilla Debuts New Breast Implants, Says Her “Man” Needs Something To Grip!

by Grace Somes
GloRilla || Image credit: @glorillapimp

GloRilla is keeping it real about her recent cosmetic procedure on her chest.

The Memphis rapper’s stunning transformation is hard to miss, especially since she is debuting several cup sizes than her usual.

Her transformation is somewhat of a shocker after she publicly declared that she was comfortable in her skin just last year.

Right after securing her first deal with Yo Gotti’s record label and making history as the first female rapper on the label, GloRilla came under intense criticism over her body.

Her constant appearance in the spotlight from her growing success subjected her to the pressures of social media. But she declared she would not succumb to the taunts of the body shamers.

GloRilla addressed the unsupportive comments via her IG stories and wrote:

“This is my last time addressing this. You mfs better get used to this slim body, green, pretty a** eyes & big, beautiful nose of mine, cause ain’t a d*mn thing gone change. Yall can hate y’all self all you want, but I luv me some BIG GLO.”

On Friday, GloRilla admitted to buying new breasts during an Instagram Live with her fans.

She announced that she had undergone a boob job while sharing why she had the cosmetic procedure.

“I just bought some new titties. Y’all like my new titties? Y’all know I ain’t with that old bullsh*t. These are just a little fill-in. Just fill them in. Just got them done so my man can grip on,” Glo shared.

The internet was quick to catch the subtle relationship announcement. A fan pointed out that they had never seen any man around her, and she had a quick reply.

The Memphis rapper stated that just because she does not post her boyfriend on social media does not mean she does not have one.

What the live clip below:


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