Beyoncé’s Jay Z Under “Investigation” After Journalist Accuses Him Of His Alleged Mistress’s Death

by Grace Somes
Jay Z, Cathy White and Beyonce and Liz Crokin || Image credit: @beyonce @lizcrokin @cathywhite

Journalist Liz Corkin has started another relentless crusade to seek justice for Cathy White, Jay Z’s alleged mistress, who mysteriously died before she could tell her side of the story.

According to Liz Crokin, who used to work for Star Magazine, Cathy White agreed to end her secret affair with Jay Z in August 2011. White, apparently, decided to come out of the shadows after some paparazzi caught her creeping with Jay Z in 2010. Plus, she was also pregnant with the rap mogul’s child.

Crokin recounted that White initially told her that she didn’t know Jay Z. Still, after being confronted with a picture of them (White and Jay Z) together at a Tao nightclub in Las Vegas with Diddy, Cathy White changed her mind.

Unfortunately, Cathy White died before she could go public.

Liz Corkin said that when she tried to reach out to White, her colleagues informed her that White had died. But Corkin believes that Cathy White was murdered and not what her autopsy said.

She also added that sources came forward and told her that Cathy had revealed her plans to go public to Jay-Z about the alleged affair.

According to her, she also found it “highly suspicious” that a healthy 28-year-old woman would drop dead.

Recently, Liz Crokin has revived her campaign to have the ‘murderer’ of Cathy White.

“It’s only a matter of time before spirit cooking Jay Z is exposed like Diddy. There’s a reason Kanye said Jay’s got murderers. I would know. He’s evil to the core. I pray there would be justice for Cathy White one day.”

Fitness and beauty expert Cathy Koreana White was found dead in her Manhattan apartment on September 2.

Cathy White, a Howard University graduate, contributed to various online publications. She was also the CEO of her public relations firm, White Label PR.

Days after Cathy’s death, Beyoncè announced her pregnancy with Blue Ivy at the 2011 VMAs.

“It would’ve been a PR nightmare for Beyonce and Jay Z if Cathy had done a tell-all about the time they had crafted her over-the-top pregnancy announcement,” Liz Crokin added.

Rumors that she was the mistress of Jay-Z sparked after she and model Claudia Jordan were allegedly spotted at Las Vegas’ Tao nightclub, sitting at a table with Jay-Z and Puffy.

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