Brooklyn’s Azia Gets Ready to “Pull Up On Ya” | @Aziaiam

by Yah Yah

Brooklyn spitter Azia releases her brash new visual for single “Pull Up On Ya.” In the video, Azia pays homage to her Haitian roots, integrating the history of Voodoo, a cultural rooting that many slaves often called upon for spiritual freedom and enlightenment. But don’t get it twisted, Azia makes it very clear from the beginning, “We Don’t Do Black Magic.”

“I always remembered when I told people I was Haitian growing up – it’s like people would mention Voodoo and start to make fun. There were weird negative connotations attached to being Haitian and to Voodoo. But Voodoo is not bad. It is good and bad in everything, and I respect ALL RELIGIONS! The same respect people have for Judaism or Islam, or Christianity or Catholicism should exist for Voodoo. But why is this not the case? Voodoo is a set of African rituals it parallels the beliefs of Ancient Egyptians who believe in more than one God as well as Christianity and many other religions. In slavery, Christianity was used to oppress but some slaves stuck to their cultural roots, and the slave owners labeled Voodoo as “Black Magic.” Haiti was the first country to gain independence. The first Black Republic and this was one of the places where Voo Doo practices were widely used and gave people the strength to revolt. We don’t do Black Magic! All of us on earth are spiritual in some way. I am no different than any other religious person. I had a christening, confirmation, and communion. And I still choose to respect and honor my heritage. I wear being a Trini-Haitian as a badge of honor! And my first single and video shows that.”

It’s safe to say that the only kind of magic Azia is giving off is #BlackGirlMagic.

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