Cardi B Criticized For “Excessive” Plastic Surgery: ‘Leave Your Body Alone’

by Grace Somes
Cardi B || Image credit: @cardib

Rapper Cardi B has never been afraid to talk about her experiences with plastic surgery, and now fans are saying she needs to take a break after sporting a ‘pouch-like’ abdomen.

In the glamorous realm of Hollywood, where beauty standards frequently sway, Cardi B has never wavered from being unabashedly authentic about her body modifications.

Fans and critics alike are engaged in a heated debate over the superstar rapper’s look, with many calling for her to rethink her aesthetic enhancements.

A recent video of Cardi B performing in a club showed the rapper sporting what some have deemed “excessive” BBL, sharply turning the conversation surrounding her plastic surgery journey.

Fans took to social media platforms to express their concerns, urging the rap sensation to embrace her natural beauty and “leave her body alone.”

“I love Cardi and her music, but the way everyone thinks they need to alter their body. It’s giving bugs life,” a fan wrote.

Another said, “I love Cardi, but I wish she leave her body alone. She was already fine.”

But this won’t be the first time Cardi B has had to address concerns about BBLs and cosmetic surgery.

In November 2023, Cardi B slammed a fan for criticizing people who go to the gym after getting BBL.
An X user tweeted on November 21 in response to a video of the “I Like It” singer in the gym wearing green leggings, saying, “I hate influencers who get all the surgery and act like they’re actually in the gym when if they gain more weight, they’ll simply get surgery again.”

Shortly after, Cardi B clapped back, inquiring, “How vocal have I been about my procedures? I find it difficult to maintain my fat, so I’m trying to gain muscle rather than weight.”

The 30-year-old has been vocal about her past cosmetic procedures and how Kim Kardashian gave her surgeon recommendations for a nose job.

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