Cardi B Hits Back At Critics Over BET Show Rant: ‘I Paid 350,000 Upfront’

by Grace Somes
Cardi B || Image credit: @cardib

Cardi B has a message for those who weren’t happy with how she treated her production crew after having technical issues during her BET Experience concert.

The drama continues between Cardi B and the BET Experience production team.

During her headline performance at the BET Experience in Los Angeles, Cardi B’s show was interrupted by technical difficulties affecting the lighting and sound. These issues led to a raw and unfiltered moment on stage, during which Cardi B called out the production team, referring to them in less-than-flattering terms.

“No offense, yo, but production, y’all messing up my pyros,” she said. “Y’all messing up my music. Fck am I paying y’all pssy ass n****s for? What am I paying y’all for?”

“What the fk I’m paying y’all nias for?” she repeated. The video ended with her saying, “Put my fing fan on, bh. Let’s go.”

After her fiery rant calling out technical difficulties during her performance went viral, the rapper now faces criticism for her behavior. But Cardi B isn’t backing down. In a series of now-deleted tweets, the “Bodak Yellow” rapper addressed the backlash head-on.

YouTuber Milgaro criticized the Grammy-winning rapper for disrespecting the production team.

Cardi saw the person’s post and responded in an angry tirade.

“Girl shut up.. when you do a show, you don’t pay after you pay before,” she wrote. “I paid 350,000 upfront. The least they could do is get my Pyro ready and turn the fans on because guess what??? At the end of the day, that money is not returnable… don’t half a*s my show because you’re comfortable when I definitely don’t half a*s when it comes to paying.. don’t tell me how to talk to anybody when you the same h* talkin bout my kids and other deceased parents.”

Cardi explained in another post that she paid $100,000 for pyros for her show, but because the production failed to discuss safety with the fire marshals, there were no fireworks during her performance.

She also claimed that they played the wrong music mix during her concert. In addition, four stage fans for her show were never turned on.

It’s unclear whether her unfiltered approach will impact her long-term relationship with BET.

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