Celebrating 4 NCCU Law School Roommates Who Became Judges Together: ‘The Friends Bonded Over Good Food’

by Gee NY

In a heartwarming tale of friendship and success, four former roommates from North Carolina Central University School of Law (NCCU) rose to become judges together, reminiscing on their journey that started over two decades ago.

Shamieka Rhinehart, Camille Banks-Prince, Keisha Wright-Hill, and Teresa Raquel Robinson-Freeman first crossed paths during their orientation at NCCU in August 1998.

Their bond was forged in the halls of Mclean Hall, where they shared more than just study sessions – they shared meals and cherished moments watching marathons of the hit show ‘The Golden Girls.’

One report in 2019 put it this way:

“The friends bonded in Mclean Hall over good food. The judges said they cooked full meals, mostly in the microwave back then, and they watched marathons of the hit show ‘The Golden Girls.’” 

As they navigated through law school together, their friendship grew stronger. When tragedy struck during their first year and Wright-Hill lost her father, it was the unwavering support of Rhinehart, Banks-Prince, and Robinson-Freeman that encouraged her to persevere.

Reflecting on their bond, Wright-Hill expressed gratitude, stating, “Because of them I’m here today, not just as an attorney, but as a judge.”

For Wright-Hill, the significance of representation in the courtroom became evident as she saw the impact it had on young children who looked like her.

Recalling a moment when a child entered her courtroom and expressed surprise at seeing a Black judge, Wright-Hill said her achievement is important for diversity on the bench.

While becoming judges was not part of their initial plan, three out of the four friends, affectionately dubbed ‘The Golden Girls,’ have since stepped into elected positions.

A photo shared in 2017 marked a milestone moment when Rhinehart joined the ranks of judges.

Their shared journey through NCCU left an indelible mark on each of them, with all four crediting the institution for changing their lives for the better.

Reflecting on the power of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) in providing opportunities for individuals like themselves, Rhinehart remarked:

“Think about how awesome this is.”

Twenty years later, their bond remains unbreakable.

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