Traci S. Campbell: Tech Executive Expands BeSpire TV with Original Programming

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Traci S. Campbell

Traci S. Campbell, the visionary behind BeSpire TV, a Free Ad-Supported Television network, has unveiled plans to enrich the platform with new original programs and channels.

With a current library boasting over three hundred movies and shows across more than thirty-five channels, BeSpire TV is poised to revolutionize the streaming landscape.

Launched in 2023, BeSpire TV was conceived to champion diversity in media ownership and programming. Positioned in the FAST (Free Ad-Supported Television) space, the network seeks to wield influence in an industry valued at over $9 billion and still evolving.

For Campbell, diversity entails a holistic representation of all demographics, transcending borders and cultures.

In a press release first published on Black News, she made the following comments:

“At BeSpire TV, diversity means a more balanced inclusion of all demographics. We strive to showcase programming from across the globe, spanning Latino, Asian, and African American content, as well as women-oriented shows.”

In addition to broadening its content offerings, BeSpire TV is actively forging partnerships with content creators and producers seeking a platform for their work.

The network provides opportunities for individuals and organizations to host their own shows or even launch their own channels.

This collaborative approach, curated by BeSpire TV executives, fosters growth opportunities for content providers while offering cost-effective advertising rates for small and mid-size businesses.

Moreover, BeSpire TV offers program sponsorship and product placement within original programs.

Accessible worldwide via the company’s website, app, Roku TV, and Amazon TV, BeSpire TV offers free sign-up, live and on-demand access, and a diverse array of channels spanning Action, Comedy, Crime, Cult & Horror, Documentaries, Family, Romance, and Sci-Fi & Fantasy. Regular updates ensure a steady stream of fresh content for viewers.

Traci S. Campbell brings over twenty years of experience in the IT industry to her role as CEO.

With a background that includes collaborations with blue-chip companies such as IBM, McDonald’s, and Sears, Campbell is a seasoned entrepreneur, speaker, author, and executive producer.

She also hosts “The B Zone w/ Traci S. Campbell” radio show and “BIBO Today” on JAM98 radio and BeSpire TV, as well as Comcast Channel 25 in the Chicagoland area. Campbell is also the CEO of BIBO Worldwide, LLC, and the founder of the BIBO Foundation, host of the Annual BIBO Awards.

For press inquiries, please contact A.C. McLean at 719-849-3338 or

Learn more at BeSpire.TV.

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