Charges Dropped Against White Couple Who Drew Gun on Black Mother and Daughter at Restaurant Parking Lot

by Xara Aziz

Reports have confirmed that the charges against a White couple who drew a gun on a Black mother and her daughter have been dismissed.

Eric and Jillian Wuestenberg were charged after they were seen in a video pointing a weapon at the woman and her 15-year-old daughter at a Chipotle parking lot in Detroit.

On Monday, a judge dismissed the case after the couple was charged with felonious assault.

In the video, the heated altercation appeared to arise when the woman bumped into the mom’s daughter as they were entering the establishment. The mom then asks the woman to apologize, which led to a verbal exchange before a weapon was drawn.

“Apparently, what had happened – [there] was one common theme between both [stories] – the three headed inside Chipotle and one woman headed out with her food, there was a bump as they entered and exit,” a police spokesperson, adding that “said someone felt they needed an apology and it escalated from there” although the spokesperson would not indicate who the aggressors were.

According to Jillian Wuestenberg, the mother and daughter – whose names have not been identified – had accused her and her partner of being racist.

“They were blocking the entrance to the car, I had a railing behind me,” she told FOX 2 Detroit. “I was trapped. I couldn’t go anywhere. I was being yelled at, berated, called a racist and ignorant and I was trapped.”

She continued: “At that point I realized we’re not going home tonight, we’re not going to see another day, and the only thing I can do is protect myself and I draw my firearm.”

The Wuestenbergs said following the incident, both of their reputations have been ruined.

According to FOX 2 Detroit, Eric Wuestenberg lost his job at Oakland University and Jillian Wuestenberg lost her job at Hallmark. The couple also say they have been receiving death threats since the incident took place.

There are no statements from the mother and daughter in the outlet that originally reported the story.

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