Chlöe’s Seductive Charms Turn the Men to Stone in Racy New ‘Have Mercy’ Video

by Shine My Crown Staff
YouTube screenshot/All Access

Chlöe has unleashed her hot new visuals for “Have Mercy,” — the debut solo single from her upcoming album.

Without seeing the video, we already knew that Chlöe was going to bring it. She didn’t disappoint… not that we ever thought she would.

Chlöe, a modern-day Medusa, is the sorority queen who turns the randy frat boys into stone.

“Boy, you lookin’ at me like I ain’t give you no choice/ If I count to three, bet you be on your knees/ You wrapped ’round my hand like Cartier,” she sings.

The video will leave viewers panting for breath. It’s clear she understood the assignment.

And the Chlöe gets the ultimate cosign from Bey’s mama, Miss Tina Knowles, who makes a cameo appearance.

Fans can watch Chlöe perform “Have Mercy” at the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday, Sept. 12.

In a recent interview, she addressed the critics who take issue with her seemingly newfound sexuality.

Chlöe says she’s always been that way.

“The funny thing is, I haven’t changed at all. Even though my sister and I [launched] our different Instagrams and you saw us as individuals, a lot of that content was [already] on my finsta for my friends and family,” the “Grown-ish” actress told Billboard.

“I’m a pretty sexual being and I feel confident in who I am and in the skin I’m in. I think it’s so beautiful when humans appreciate their bodies because that’s what carries us through in the world and it’s not a nasty or gross thing. I just turned 23 this year, I’m not a teenager, I’m not a little kid anymore and I’m really happy that people are seeing that. It definitely wasn’t forced. It wasn’t anything new. The real me was always there, people are just now seeing me 360.”

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