Chrisette Michele Wants Fans To Stop “Choice Shaming” Her | @ChrisetteM

by Yah Yah

Social media still has not forgiven Chrisette Michele for performing at President Donald Trump‘s inauguration. The R&B star and former reality TV cast member faced a brutal backlash for accepting the invitation, despite Trump’s ties with White Supremacists. At the time, several artists turned down the invitations to perform, but Michele went ahead anyway despite all of the warning signs and the internets swiftly canceled the R&B Diva.

That was back in January 2017. Now, over ten months later, Michele has revealed that her record label has now dropped her and also announced that she had suffered a miscarriage, been suicidal and that it was yoga that helped to save her life.

Chrisette then accused her boy-cotters of “choice shaming,” her and Mary Mary singer, Tina Campbell, who recently came under fire for voting for Trump. Her followers did not appreciate the guilt tweets. Emotional blackmail is never the answer…

Honestly, I like Chrisette Michele. Before her inauguration performance, I found her to be a lofty, carefree Black woman with a killer work ethic and a solid artist. But just as she is calling out her protesters, Chrisette Michele fails to realize that she is doing the exact same thing that she is accusing her former fans of doing, and blaming them for their choices. Consumers have the right not to support an artist or a brand if they so choose. And unfortunately, Michele’s actions have given them cause. Her fans feel terribly let down and it’s going to take a lot of work to move past this.

At the same time, Chrisette Michele is a young Black woman who worked hard to inspire and to build her brand in an industry which minimizes the achievements and talents of women of color and actively works to silence them. It took a world of courage for her to step forward and attempt to affect change for the better. Her optimistic views of the world found Michele viewing Trump through rose-colored glasses, and ignoring his blatant misogyny, racism, and his wholly unethical rhetoric.

I never want to see another Black woman publicly crucified. In spite of her poor decision, does Chrisette Michelle not deserve a second chance? Should we not show her some love and compassion and help her to rebuild?

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