She’s Fighting Back! Judge Sacked For Allegedly Attacking A Police Officer Releases Footage To Help Her Case

by Gee NY

Former Douglas County Probate Judge Christina Peterson, 38, who was arrested last week for allegedly assaulting a police officer, has released cell phone footage to support her defense.

Peterson claims there is more to her case than what is shown in the police bodycam footage.

Her attorney, Marvin Arrington, shared new cell phone footage of the incident that led to Peterson’s arrest, as reported by 11 Alive.

The footage shows a chaotic scene outside Red Martini Restaurant and Lounge in Buckhead, Atlanta, where a woman, identified as Alexandria Love, and a man are seen exchanging blows. Love is repeatedly punched and knocked to the ground.

Peterson then enters the frame, attempting to break up the fight, when an officer intervenes. According to Arrington, Peterson was so focused on the chaos that she was unaware of the officer’s presence when she allegedly struck him.

“She didn’t even know the officer was there,” Arrington stated.

Arrest warrants indicate that Peterson was detained after hitting the officer who had arrived to de-escalate the situation. Body camera footage shows her being handcuffed while onlookers demanded her release.

Another video captures Peterson arguing with an officer from inside the squad car, refusing to identify herself.

Authorities released the bodycam footage on Friday, June 21, before the case’s adjudication, offering no specific reasons for its release.

“This is an open and active investigation. There are no further details to release at this time,” the Atlanta Police Department commented.

On Tuesday, June 25, the Georgia Supreme Court ruled that Peterson be removed from office following an investigation into separate ethics charges.

“Accordingly, it is ordered that Judge Christina Peterson of the Douglas County Probate Court be removed from office, effective upon the date of this opinion,” the court declared.

This removal follows the Judicial Qualifications Commission’s findings of “systemic incompetence” and their recommendation for her removal in April.

Peterson faced 30 counts, 12 of which warranted court discipline. Post-removal, Peterson is barred from any future judicial positions in Georgia for seven years.

In an appearance on Audacy’s V-103 “Big Tigger Morning Show,” Peterson confirmed her removal and addressed the charges. She attributed her downfall to ongoing opposition since her election as the first Black female Democrat in her position.

“Ever since I was elected, people started filing charges, frivolous complaints against me. Baseless complaints,” she explained.

Out of the 50 counts brought against her, 20 were dismissed, 10 were removed by a hearing panel, and the remaining 20 led to her official removal.

Peterson criticized the media’s portrayal, claiming she was unfairly judged by public opinion rather than facts.

“Nothing I have done has been willful,” she asserted.

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