Cori Bush Sworn in as Missouri’s First Black Congresswoman

by Shine My Crown Staff
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Cori Bush has been sworn in as the representative of Missouri’s 1st Congressional District — making history as the state’s first-ever Black congresswoman.

Bush beat out ten-term Representative William Lacy Clay Jr. in the Democratic primary.

“I have St. Louis in my bag. That’s how it feels. When I walk into the House Chambers, I am bringing St. Louis with me,” Bush told reporters on her swearing-in day on Sunday, Jan. 3, 2021, in Washington, D.C.

“I am overjoyed, excited, happy, nervous, overwhelmed and honored all at the same time, but I am ready,” she added.

Bush is in no doubt about what she has to bring to the role.

“I am coming from a place of understanding what it is like to be a regular person in our community. I am a registered nurse. Before I was a registered nurse I was a working in childcare making in minimum wage, trying to raise two children. I have lived unhoused, lived pay check to paycheck, with no health insurance. I live in a place where I hear gunshots throughout the night and the day…. being in this position what it means to me finally a regular person in our community have voice, not that I know it all but I will be listening to it all ,” said Congresswoman- Bush per

Speaking to KSDK, Bush says her first priority is $2,000 “recurring” payments for COVID relief — an idea which has been stonewalled by the GOP.

“I’m that activist, so I know how to apply pressure. I know how to organize. I know how to pull in grassroots folks that can help get this thing done to be able to press on the colleagues to be able to make this thing happen,” said Bush. “So as the freshmen that’s one of the things I can do.”

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