Cori Bush Claims She Once Healed Sick Toddler, Woman’s Tumors: ‘With Confidence, I Could Heal Others’

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Missouri Democratic Rep. Cori Bush is facing renewed scrutiny as stories from her autobiography recounting miraculous healings resurface ahead of the state’s primary election.

In her 2022 memoir The Forerunner: A Story of Pain and Perseverance in America, Bush detailed her time as a faith healer, highlighting instances where she claimed to have healed a sick toddler and a woman with tumors.

According to the New York Post, Bush asserted that she possessed a supernatural ability to heal others.

One notable account described Bush helping a disabled toddler to walk:

“The child had suffered a brain bleed shortly after birth, rendering her unable to walk. I carried the child from the prayer room to the sanctuary and encouraged her to walk. To everyone’s amazement, she took her first steps and continued walking.”

Another instance involved Bush praying over a woman with multiple tumors:

“One woman we encountered had several visible tumors on her torso. Facing surgery without health insurance and living in challenging conditions, I laid hands on her and prayed. Miraculously, the tumors shrank, including the most painful one,” Bush wrote.

Bush attributed these healings to the power of God within her, stating:

“As I learned to apply God’s Word in new ways, I discovered the inherent power residing in me. It was there, waiting for me to acknowledge and utilize it. With confidence, I could heal others through God’s power.”

Despite the autobiographical revelations, Bush’s book saw modest sales, with only 729 copies sold in its first week of release.

These revelations have resurfaced just weeks ahead of the Missouri primary election on August 6, where Bush faces a challenging contest against primary challenger Wesley Bell.

The race has been closely watched, reflecting both in polling and campaign fundraising efforts.

As Bush navigates her re-election campaign, her past as a faith healer has become a focal point, prompting discussions about her personal beliefs and experiences within the context of her political career.

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