Dawn Montgomery Exits Revolt: Cassie-Diddy Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Prompts Shocking Departure!

by Grace Somes
Dawn Montgoery, Cassie and Diddy|| Image credit: @dawnmontgomery @diddy @cassie

Dawn Montgomery is ready to stand up for Cassie, even if she wouldn’t stand up against her alleged abuser, Diddy

Journalist Dawn Montgomery has decided not to renew her contract with the media network Revolt. She confirmed on Monday that she won’t return for a third season on Twitter(now X).

Dawn Montgomery, host of the Monuments to Me podcast, announced she is leaving the Revolt Network because, as a sexual assault survivor, she cannot sideline the sexual abuse allegations against the media owner, Sean “Diddy” Combs.

According to the media network, the show was set up to “celebrate every aspect of black women in a world that tries to ignore or destroy them.”

This description has become the foundation for its leading lady, Montogemer, to sever ties with them. 

“FYI: I won’t be signing on to do the 3rd season of @revolttv’s Monuments To Me podcast. I am a [sexual assault] survivor & I cannot be a part of a show that’s supposed to uplift black women while @Diddy leads the company. Believe Black women,” she typed. 

Dawn Montgermy said hearing about Cassie’s horrific 10-year abuse triggered her. She added that she could no longer trust the network “because the leadership of REVOLT didn’t say anything,” during Cassie’s lawsuit against Diddy.

“To be clear, someone else is the CEO of REVOLT & I stated in my thread that the silence from leadership is part of why I’m not signing back on. I’m sure Diddy influences many decisions at Revolt, but I never signed on just because of it being something founded by Diddy,” Dawn clarified. 

The news of her departure has triggered a ferocious banter on social media. While some of her fans support her decision to choose her mental health over money. 

Others say Dawn Montogermy is crying more than the bereaved, Cassie, who agreed to a settlement one day after filling the court suit. 

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