Disturbing Footage: Polo G’s Mom, Stacia Mac, Caught Yelling ‘I’ll Kill You’ While Shooting At Daughter

by Grace Somes
Stacia Mac and Leilani || Image credit: @stacia.mac @leilani.capalot

A disturbing video surfaced allegedly showing Stacia Mac, the mother of famous rapper Polo G, firing several shots at her daughter while screaming, “I’ll kill you.”

In April, Polo G’s sister, Lelani Capalot, revealed that she had fought with their mother. The incident happened a few months after Polo G’s brother was hit with murder charges following a drive-by shooting

Leilani disclosed on social media that she had been in a physical altercation with their mother.

Still, details about the events leading up to the confrontation were sketchy until recently, when the front door camera footage was leaked to the media.

The alarming footage allegedly shows a heated altercation between Stacia Mac and her daughter, whose identity could not be determined from the captured video.

In the video, Mac is seen brandishing a firearm and firing several shots at her daughter. Throughout the chaos, Mac can be heard yelling threatening statements, including the chilling phrase, “I’ll kill you.”

Stacita took to Instagram to confirm that she fired the weapon while pursuing her daughter, who is approximately 27 years old. She claimed her daughter was manipulative and only wanted to get her off her property.

“And now y’all want to know how she got the video. I sent it to her dad because she lied to him and said I shot at her 16 times,” Stacia wrote on her Instagram story

In response, Leilani asserted that her mother sent the video to her friends.

“How can I leak a video from someone’s personal ring camera that only they have access to?” Lelani wrote on “X. Someone I’m not in contact with? After two months? You sent the video out thinking it was funny, and your homies leaked it to the blogs! Take accountability!!!!”

As the video spread across multiple platforms, social media exploded with reactions ranging from concern and disbelief to outright condemnation. Many fans were shocked by Mac’s violent behavior, as she is well-known in the music industry for being a supportive and influential figure in her son’s career.


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