Hair 2 Empower: New Initiative To Revolutionize Beauty Industry And Foster Entrepreneurship Launched

by Gee NY
Jessyca Marshall

Jessyca Marshall, the visionary behind Microloc Mastery and Naturally Beautiful Hair Care, is spearheading a groundbreaking initiative aimed at transforming the hair and beauty industry while empowering communities.

Marshall’s mission transcends mere aesthetics; she’s on a quest to foster empowerment and financial independence through her innovative approach to hair services.

With the launch of Hair 2 Empower, a non-profit organization, Marshall is paving the way for individuals to realize their full potential and achieve economic prosperity in the beauty sector.

At the core of Hair 2 Empower is Marshall’s business grant program, which provides aspiring entrepreneurs with the necessary tools and knowledge to excel in the industry.

“Our goal is not just to train individuals but to empower them to build thriving businesses,” Marshall explains. “Through comprehensive training, ongoing support, and financial assistance, we’re creating opportunities for success.”

Central to Marshall’s program is the opportunity for participants to become paid instructors for in-person classes, thus expanding their revenue potential.

Collaborating with esteemed locations such as The Loc Artistry by AV and A Taste of T Salon, Marshall is bringing her vision to communities nationwide.

“Our partnerships underscore our commitment to empowering local communities,” Marshall emphasizes. “By offering accessible training opportunities and business support, we’re helping individuals unlock their full potential.”

The Microloc Mastery Training and Certification program, a cornerstone of Hair 2 Empower, provides a comprehensive curriculum encompassing hands-on instruction, exclusive tools, workbooks, and dedicated trainers.

With a focus on post-training support and business development, participants are equipped with the resources needed to thrive in the industry.

Enrollment for Marshall’s program is now open at, welcoming individuals eager to embark on a journey of empowerment and entrepreneurship. Moreover, Marshall invites investors and donors interested in supporting this impactful work to contribute, as she seeks to expand her reach and empower even more individuals.

Jessyca Marshall is a licensed social worker, mompreneur, and the founder of Naturally Beautiful Hair Care and Microloc Mastery.

With a passion for empowerment and healing, she is dedicated to revolutionizing the hair and beauty industry through her innovative approach and commitment to community empowerment.

Through her non-profit organization, Hair 2 Empower, Marshall aims to create opportunities for individuals to thrive and prosper.

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