Doja Cat Denies Dissing Iggy Azalea, Claims Account Hacked

by Grace Somes
Doja Cat and Iggy Azalea || Image credit: @dojacat @thenewclassic

Did Doja Cat just avoid a potential rap beef with Iggy Azalea, or is something bigger brewing between the two fierce rappers?

Aside from her 2015 tweets about Iggy Azalea resurfacing in 2018 after she gained prominence with her hitsingle, ‘Mooo’, Doja Cat hasn’t had any trouble with the rapper.
In the controversial tweets, Doja Cat compared Iggy Azalea to Donald Trump.

“Iggy doesn’t so sht for me emotionally. Except for annoying the fck out of me immensely. It’s like if Donald Trump made music. Rich waste.”

Although these jabs did not elicit a response from the Australian rapper, fans are beginning to wonder if she would respond to Doja Cat’s latest diss to her.

On Monday, July 8, strange—even by Doja Cat’s standards—posts began to appear from the California artist’s X account. One that piqued people’s interest was a jab at Iggy in a post advertising her meme coin.

Doja Cat’s X account targeted Iggy Azalea, leaving insulting comments under the “Fancy” artist’s posts.

The first indication that something was wrong was when Doja Cat’s account left a childish insult beneath a photo ad of Azalea.

“Shut up, b*tch,” the account tweeted on the photo.

The follow-up, however, made it clear that Doja Cat was not responsible for this attack.

 “Fck that stupid btch @IGGYAZALEA,” the hacker posted. “And buy $DOJA.” 

After a series of increasingly bizarre posts, Iggy Azalea concluded that Doja Cat’s account had been hacked and addressed the hacker directly.

“Hackers on celeb girl accounts again making it about me,” she tweeted. “Cause I’m their fixation, but they didn’t consider that I may interact with people in real life. It’s not fitting into reality, lol.”

Iggy Azalea then cleared the air between herself and Doja Cat. She informed fans that they had no issues with one another and were only being pitted against each other by trolls.

The 28-year-old Agora Hills hitmaker took to her reactivated Instagram, which she had previously shut down in March due to online bullying, to deny any involvement in the bizarre posts on X.

“My Twitter’stwitter’s been hacked; these messages are not from me.”

Whether Doja Cat’s account was genuinely hacked or not, Doja Cat and Iggy Azalea’s names are once again on everyone’s lips. And certainly a plus promotional game plan for Doja Cat’s new album

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