ESPN’s Monica McNutt Justifies Her Spicy Stephen A. Smith Call-Out

by Grace Somes
Monica McNutt and Stephen A. Smith || Image credit: @mcnuttmonica @stephenasmith

Monica McNutt is not sorry. She joined Nightcap to explain her WNBA rant from ESPN’s First Take, in which she stunned and silenced Stephen A. Smith.

On Monday, a debate between Monica McNutt and Stephen A. Smith went viral on ESPN, but the parties didn’t let it end there.

On “First Take,” McNutt muzzled Stephen A. Smith during her appearance on the show, as many WNBA veterans would like to do to new viewers who have made outrageous comments about how Caitlin Clark has been handled in the physical sport.

She criticized Smith for not utilizing his platform three years before to promote the WNBA, claiming that he was capitalizing on the attention that Caitlin Clark, Angel Reese, and other players had brought to the league.

The fearless sports journalist Monica McNutt confronted Stephen A. Smith head-on, refusing to let him rewrite history while covering the WNBA in real time. Her courage in this interaction is truly inspiring.

This interaction did not please Smith, as he looked visibly stunned during the spat.

In response, he went all out on his YouTube show, implying that by allowing McNutt and other WNBA pundits to appear on it, he had made them famous.

“You ever heard of Monica McNutt?….. you have now because she’s on First Take a lot,” Smith continued. “I could care less about being going at me, I just want you to be accurate, and it is highly offensive to me when somebody implies or flat-out states like Monica McNutt did this morning, which was factually incorrect.”

On Monday, McNutt joined Shannon Sharpe and Chad Ochocino’s Nightcap to discuss her side of the situation and WNBA rookies like Caitlin Clark.

According to McNutt, any rookie who signs a shoe deal before participating in a professional game will encounter challenges and jealousy from their peers. She went so far as to say, “We can hold more than on truth,” indicating that various points raised in the conversation could be true.

“I get that we are at a special place when it comes to women’s basketball, the growth of the game, and the special eyeballs.

“I think what I was frustrated with earlier in our conversation is that we can hold more than one truth!”

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