FentyBeauty Unfollows Mihlali Ndamase For Liking Mean “Prettier Than Rihanna” Comments

by Grace Somes
Rihanna and Mihlali Ndamase || Image credit: @badgalriri @mihlali_n

In a surprising turn of events, FentyBeauty has unfollowed Mihlali Ndamase for liking comments that suggested she was prettier than Rihanna.

The South African influencer has lost her chance to grow her brand alongside Rihanna’s Fenty empire, the fifth-largest cosmetics brand in the world.

As South African influencer Mihlali Ndamase recently discovered, a single click on social media can occasionally produce unexpected and significant results. 

The beauty expert was unfollowed by FentyBeauty, a move that could potentially impact her career, after discovering that she had liked comments that disparaged Rihanna’s appearance.

The issues started after the beauty and lifestyle influencer, among a select few, attended the exclusive launch of Fenty Beauty’s Soft Glow foundation as an invited guest.

Mihlali Ndamase, known for her makeup expertise, vibrant personality, and significant following on various social media platforms, was in the right place at the intimate gathering Rihanna hosted in LA. The YouTuber posted videos and photos from the exclusive event


“My journey in the digital space has had its ups and downs, but the moment I even begin to doubt myself, God affirms me every time. Thank you, Father, for consistently making my dreams a reality. We started in a cottage in Randburg, now we’re in LA b*tches,” Mihlali Ndamase posted a reel captioned.

Soon after, fans found a picture of the South African influencer rubbing shoulders with the Barbados singer

Since the viral photo has become a bone of contention on social media, users have accused Mihlali Ndamase of photo-editing just her face to look prettier than the beauty mogul. Others say that is not the case, calling Rihanna the “average” girl

The drama escalated when the YouTuber reportedly liked mean tweets against Rihanna. 

This sole action purportedly prompted Rihanna’s brand, FentyBeauty, to unfollow Mihlali Ndamase on Instagram

In 2017, Robyn Fenty, better known as Rihanna, founded Fenty Beauty to establish a cosmetics brand that would enable “women everywhere (feel) included.” Perhaps unintentionally, the beauty line has helped her to rise to the status of billionaire, one of the most prestigious groups in the world.

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