Terri Burns, Youngest And First Black Female Partner At GV, Launches Her Own VC Firm

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Terri Burns, who made headlines in 2020 as the youngest and first Black female partner at GV (formerly Google Ventures), is now embarking on a new journey by launching her own venture capital firm, Type Capital.

At just 26 years old, Burns broke barriers when she joined GV’s investment arm in 2017.

Now, at the age of 30, she is making waves again with the creation of Type Capital.

Announcing the launch on Instagram, Burns expressed her enthusiasm for the next generation of founders, stating:

“To the next generation of founders… you’re exactly our type.”

According to Fortune, Burns was inspired to start Type Capital after noticing a trend among venture capitalists, where investments were often made only after seeing interest from other investors, a phenomenon she refers to as “heat.”


Burns aims to challenge this status quo by leading the way and pursuing innovative investments driven by true innovation, rather than following the crowd.

“I want to move quickly and efficiently and not over-index on heat,” Burns explained to Bloomberg. “Not being super caught up in this ecosystem of heat that is really popular right now is the path to winning and also the path to more collaboration and respect from founders.”

Type Capital is positioned to be ahead of the curve, with a focus on distributing checks early in the investment process.

Burns intends to assemble a team and seek out undiscovered founders, particularly those from Gen Z, whom she is passionate about supporting.

The firm will concentrate on sectors such as artificial intelligence, digital consumer companies, and software development tools.

As Burns ventures into this new chapter, she remains committed to fostering collaboration and supporting innovative founders who are driving positive change in their respective industries.

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