Georgia Judge Christina Peterson Removed From Bench After She Was Caught On Camera Assaulting A Police Officer

by Gee NY

Georgia Judge Christina Peterson was removed from her position following a decision by the state’s highest court on Tuesday, June 25, 2024, prompted by ethics charges from the judicial watchdog agency.

The Georgia Supreme Court’s ruling takes effect immediately, barring Peterson from holding any judicial office in the state for the next seven years.

The court cited a pattern of judicial misconduct during her tenure as Douglas County Probate Judge.

“We agree that removal is warranted here. The Hearing Panel found that the (JQC) Director proved by clear and convincing evidence 28 of 30 counts alleging that Judge Peterson violated the CJC, and that discipline is authorized under the Georgia Constitution for 20 of those 28 counts,” the court said.

Peterson, 38, took office in December 2020 after winning a Democratic primary and running unopposed in the general election.

Despite losing her reelection bid recently, she faced ongoing ethics allegations, culminating in her arrest last week after an altercation at an Atlanta nightclub where she allegedly pushed a police officer.

Formal charges were initially filed against Peterson in September 2021, totaling 50 counts of misconduct under the Code of Judicial Conduct.

Following hearings and reviews, 30 counts were addressed, with 28 found to have clear evidence supporting them. The judicial panel recommended her removal from office based on these findings.

In addition to the misconduct charges, Peterson’s actions included improperly handling cases, allowing unauthorized courthouse access, and making unreasonable demands on law enforcement resources.

The Supreme Court highlighted instances where Peterson displayed inappropriate behavior both inside and outside the courtroom, including hostile interactions and false testimony.

Peterson’s recent arrest outside a nightclub further escalated the situation, with allegations of battery against a police officer and obstruction of law enforcement. Her attorney has defended her actions, claiming she was intervening in a dispute to help someone else during the incident.

The Supreme Court’s decision to remove Peterson considered her repeated violations of judicial rules and conduct, deeming her actions unfit for a judicial role.

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