Honesty Or Hustle? Rubi Rose Admits She Doesn’t Write Her Raps

by Grace Somes
Rubi Rose || Image credit: @therubirose

Rapper and model Rubi Rose shocked the hip-hop community when she revealed how ghostwriters have helped her career during her appearance on The Joe Budden Podcast.

Rubi Rose appeared as a guest on Friday, June 14, in an episode of The Joe Budden Podcast. During the interview, Budden, a retired renowned lyricist, asked the rapper-model if she wrote the lyrics to her songs.

When she casually answers “no” without thinking twice, the entire room erupted in applause, praising Rubi for her honesty.

In the open discussion, she goes on to say that she has never written a rap and has no plans to do so in the future.

“People know how to make s**t sound cool, you know?” Rubi explains. “I definitely have, you know, my writers and people. Everybody uses writers though, like, realistically. When people say they don’t… I don’t know, maybe you [Joe Budden] really don’t, but literally, I feel like everybody uses writers.”

Rubi Rose also claimed that most musicians, including A-list ones, hire ghostwriters to write their songs.

Ghostwriting, a long-standing practice in the music industry, has been a topic of debate in hip-hop. Some of the biggest names in the genre have acknowledged using ghostwriters at different stages of their careers. However, the subject continues to ignite discussion, with purists arguing that writing one’s own lyrics is the true mark of artistic ability, while others see it as a collaborative process.


Rubi Rose, who rose to fame with hits like “Big Mouth” and “He in His Feelings,” has become a chart-topping sensation thanks to her catchy beats and audacious demeanor.

During her time on the Joe Budden Podcast, the rapper delved into various topics, from her early days as a video girl to clarifying the age confusion sparked by her appearance in the ‘Bad and Boujee’ video. Rose left no stone unturned.

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