Brey’anna Brown: Young Woman Who Was Victim Of Racial Slur And Broken Nose At Hands Of White Male Speaks Out

by Gee NY

A violent altercation at Shawnee Mission East High School in Kansas City has left a 15-year-old Black sophomore, Brey’anna Brown, with a broken nose and the school community grappling with racial tensions.

The incident, which occurred on Wednesday, Nov. 15, involved racial slurs and physical violence, resulting in protests by students and concerns about safety.

According to witnesses and reports by KSHB 41, Brown confronted a student who used racial slurs towards her. In response, a 15-year-old white male student verbally abused her, and the confrontation escalated to physical violence, leaving Brown with a broken nose.

Brown, in an interview with the television station, expressed that she didn’t expect the fight but chose to stand up for herself, leading to her suspension from school.

The unidentified male student involved in the altercation has been charged with a level four felony for causing great bodily harm to another person or disfigurement.

The incident has prompted a community response, with dozens of students staging a walkout on Monday to protest how the school administrators handled the situation.

Protesting students chanted demands for change and carried signs expressing concerns about the safety of students of color. Some labeled the attack on Brown as a hate crime, pointing to ongoing racial issues within the school.

The protests were organized by the Black Student Solidarity Network, and a countywide “mass protest” in support of Brown is scheduled for today at 5:30 p.m.

Amidst the outcry, Brown expressed fear about returning to school, stating:

“I’m kinda scared to go back because I don’t know what to look forward to.”

Her mother, Linyka, shared the emotional toll of seeing her daughter harmed, emphasizing the need for a safer environment.

The school, citing student privacy, declined to discuss how the district would handle the incident. KSHB 41 also reported that the accused male student had a history of trouble, facing battery and assault charges in the past.

As the community grapples with the aftermath, the incident raises questions about school safety, racial tensions, and the appropriate response to incidents of violence and discrimination.

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