Jennifer Hudson Reveals Her Dad Had 27 Other Children, Shares Vision Of Big Family Reunion

by Gee NY

Jennifer Hudson has opened up about a surprising family revelation during a recent podcast appearance, shedding light on her discovery of having 27 siblings from her father.

In the finale episode of Your Mama’s Kitchen: Conversations from the Heart of the Home podcast, Hudson, 42, discussed her family dynamics and the revelation about her father’s extensive offspring.

Host Michelle Norris broached the topic, noting, “Your father had a big personality. And you went with your siblings and went and found him at some point and found that you had a lot more siblings?”

“Yes, a lot of us. Apparently he had 27 children,” Hudson shared, revealing the startling discovery.

“That’s a lot of children,” responded Norris, reflecting the surprise of many listeners.

Hudson elaborated that while she hasn’t met all of her siblings, she had hoped to gather them together for significant family occasions since she was 16.

“It was my dream to have all of us at this grand Thanksgiving or Christmas table, and we all sit and eat together — that was my goal at 16,” Hudson explained, highlighting her desire for familial unity.

Reflecting on her journey, Hudson revealed that she has connected with several of her siblings over time, including those she grew up with, Jason and Julia. She acknowledged being the youngest among them.

“When my grandma on his side passed, my siblings over there were like, ‘Y’all got a sister that can really sing, you should meet her,’” Hudson revealed, discussing how her father’s family played a role in bringing her siblings together.

Hudson, who is known for her illustrious music career and roles in the entertainment industry, also touched upon her personal life, mentioning her 14-year-old son, David Daniel Otunga Jr., whom she shares with ex-partner David Otunga. She emphasized the importance of family and ensuring her son grows up surrounded by love and support.

The singer expressed her commitment to maintaining family ties, particularly through Sunday dinners and keeping in touch with extended family members, underscoring the significance of maintaining a strong family bond.

The podcast episode provided a rare glimpse into Hudson’s personal life and her journey of familial discovery, resonating with listeners who appreciate her openness and dedication to family values.

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