Joy Reid Delivers Rousing Speech Following Capitol Hill Siege

by Shine My Crown Staff
Voiced by Amazon Polly

MSNBC anchor Joy Reid shared our horror at the scenes of Wednesday’s Capitol Hill siege and addressed the incident during last night’s segment of “The Reid Out.”

“These people were so unafraid of the cops,” says Reid in the clip. “They know that they are not in jeopardy because the cops are taking selfies with them, walking them down the steps to make sure they’re not hurt, taking care with their bodies — not like they treated Freddie Gray’s body.”

Reid then listed several Black activists by name. “Get Brittany Packnett Cunningham on here. She’ll tell you how they treated her in Ferguson. Put [Black Lives Matter co-founder] Alicia Garza on here. She’ll tell you how they treated her at every Black Lives Matter march. Get [Black Lives Matter co-founder] Patrisse Cullors on. They’ll tell you. They’ll tell you what it feels like to ‘protest’ peacefully and unarmed and how the police will treat you if you’re Black. That’s it. They’re not afraid of the cops, cause they know the cops are cool with it,” she said live on-air.

Four people died during the onslaught, including one woman who was shot by a police officer. Dozens of demonstrators were also arrested, but people are drawing comparisons between the relatively light-handed approach taken by law enforcement and the heavy-handed method used by the National Guard against peaceful Black Lives Matter protestors in June.

“Guarantee you if that was a Black Lives Matter protest in D.C., there would already be people shackled, arrested, or dead,” Reid says, regarding the riot at the Capitol. “Shackled, arrested en masse, or dead.”

We detect no lies here…

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