“Just Got Out”: Sexyy Red Speaks After Arrest At Newark Airport

by Grace Somes
Sexyy Red || Image credit: @sexyyred

Rapper Sexyy Red reportedly spent some time in jail over the weekend after getting into a fight with fans and security at the Newark airport.

As one of hip-hop’s most prominent figures, Sexyy Red’s fan base is becoming increasingly divided from her casual hype-chasers.

This apparently led to a bad situation over the weekend at the Newark airport, where she was reportedly arrested by the authorities after getting into a fight with security and fans.

The incident reportedly occurred on Friday afternoon when Sexyy Red, whose real name is Janae Nierah Wherry, was involved in an altercation at Newark Liberty International Airport. Eyewitnesses claim the confrontation began when an unidentified individual allegedly harassed the rapper and her entourage.

According to sources, the tense situation unfolded when someone took a picture of Sexyy and her bodyguard without permission. This seemingly innocent act quickly escalated, drawing the attention of airport security and local law enforcement.

Few details are known about the altercation, but rumors say that Sexyy Red was arrested after the argument turned physical. After being arrested, the rapper was led to a nearby precinct where he would be processed. Shortly after, she was allegedly charged with disorderly conduct and released on bail.

It’s also unclear if additional members of her entourage were detained by authorities due to a video she posted online at roughly 5:30 AM local time.

Sexyy Red also informed her fans that the authorities freed her from custody from a packed car, most likely not long after the incident.

“Good morning, I just got out!” she updated her fans via Instagram, confirming her release from custody.

In the video, she also made fun of her entourage for being late to pick her up.


In an apparent attempt to lessen any negative effects from this incident, the rapper also took to Instagram stories, promising to replace any damaged phones during the incident.

“To the people that were in that altercation at the airport, please DM me so I can replace your phone!!” she wrote.

Naturally, this could be a major obstacle for any artist, so let’s hope that the purported issue doesn’t get worse and has already been resolved.

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