Kamala Harris Worried About Potential Replacement Of Joe Biden With White Candidate

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Kamala Harris’s team is expressing concern that Democratic leaders might favor a white candidate over her should President Joe Biden step aside, arguing that overlooking her would be dismissive of black voters’ interests.

Amid calls for Biden to consider stepping back due to age concerns, exacerbated by a recent debate performance against Donald Trump, the Biden-Harris campaign has firmly rejected these suggestions.

However, allies of Vice President Harris feel frustrated by her exclusion from discussions about potential replacements, emphasizing that bypassing a black woman for the role would send a negative message.

Governors Gavin Newsom of California and Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan have been the subject of speculation as alternative nominees, a prospect that Harris’s allies find objectionable.

An ally of Harris told Politico:

“The fact that people keep coming back to this is so offensive to so many of us,” adding, “They still don’t get that the message you’re saying to people, to this Democratic Party, is, we prefer a white person.”

Another source criticized this approach, saying, “If they think they are going to get through South Carolina bashing an effective and qualified black woman vice president — their instincts are as bad as I thought they were.”

Harris’s team has highlighted her ability to connect with black voters, a crucial demographic for Democrats, noting recent shifts away from Biden among this group.

While Biden maintains a significant lead among black voters, concerns linger about potential losses to Trump in key swing states.

Despite these concerns, polls indicate Harris would face a tougher challenge against Trump compared to Biden in a head-to-head matchup, reflecting broader electability worries within the party.

Following Thursday’s debate, no Democratic leaders have formally called for Biden to withdraw from the nomination he secured earlier this year.

Yet, party strategists worry about Biden’s perceived mental decline impacting his ability to compete effectively against Trump, prompting discussions about contingency plans ahead of the convention in Chicago this August.

Both Newsom and Whitmer have publicly reaffirmed their support for the Biden-Harris ticket and denied any aspirations to replace Biden.

In response to speculation, Whitmer reportedly assured Biden campaign officials that she was not angling for the position. Meanwhile, Newsom criticized calls for Biden’s replacement, urging unity within the party.

“I think it’s unhelpful, and I think it’s unnecessary,” Newsom told MSNBC, stressing the need for collective focus on addressing national challenges.

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