LGBTQIA+ Advocates Come Out in Disapproval of Beyoncé’s $20M Dubai Performance

by Xara Aziz

Renaissance megastar Beyoncé had the world talking following her “Flawless” performance in Dubai to help celebrate the opening of Atlantis The Royal, the city’s latest luxury resort. But some fans are disappointed in the star for making an appearance in a part of the world where LGBTQIA+ relationships are illegal.

In a recent Telegraph interview with Bev Jackson, the cofounder of LGB Alliance, a gay rights advocacy group, first commended the star for asserting “the right of lesbians, bisexuals and gay men to define themselves as same-sex.”

But Jackson was disheartened that she performed in a place that “casts a shadow over her support for lesbians and gay people.”

Beyoncé is a huge icon for many gay people. LGB Alliance is deeply therefore disappointed that Beyoncé has agreed to give a lucrative concert in Dubai, where same-sex sex acts are a criminal offense, potentially punishable by death,” she said.

The activist is not the only one who had choice words for Queen Bey. On Twitter, some fans expressed discontent with the singer for accepting money to perform in Dubai.

“Beyonce leaving the LGBT behind after she got that $35 million dollar check from Dubai,” tweeted one user.

“Beyoncé really made a whole album for LGBTs profiting off and monetizing on their culture just to have only 1 performance in a country where these very same people get death sentences for being LGBT lol,” another user wrote.

But others backed the Houston entertainer for her decision to perform.

“Beyoncé has made it very clear where she stands on LGBTQ+ issues / human rights. The argument that she should only perform where LGBT+ rights are recognized is not realistic. If that were the case, she would not be able to perform in most places in the US.”

“Beyoncé performing in Dubai means being anti-lgbt??? then that means everyone performing in the US are supporters of gun violence, using that same logic.”

Beyoncé reportedly cashed in over $20 million for the 60-minute concert. It was her first performance in five years.

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