LisaRaye Defends Chris Brown’s Actions Following Alleged Fight with Usher

by Xara Aziz
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LisaRaye McCoy is showing her support as #TeamChrisBrown following a heated exchange between the Deuces star, Usher and Teyana Taylor.

On a recent episode of Fox Soul’s Cocktails with Queens Tuesday, The Players Club actress chimed in a discussion with fellow co-hosts Claudia Jordan, Vivica A. Fox and Syleena Johnson, who all agreed that it is time Brown should focus more on his music rather than engaging in recurring internet fodder.

“Why he gotta chill? Why he gotta chill?” McCoy questioned. “What if he felt just like what he said? ‘F her.’ What if he felt like that? What I don’t like about it is that every time his name is brought up, that he always gets automatically blamed. Because, ‘He is that way.’ We know him to be that, so it gotta be him.”

She added: “That’s what I don’t like when people have that kind of stigma – because I got that. It’s quick for you to think that, ‘Oh Lisa Raye would have done that,” or, “Lisa Raye said that.” And I don’t like that because that very next time, it could have been very different. But you blame me because of my past.”

On Saturday, Brown and his entourage allegedly assaulted Usher at a skate party the latter threw for Brown’s 34th birthday. Details have remained muddy about what exactly ensued, but TMZ did confirm that an altercation took place.

In a video released by the media outlet, both Brown and Usher are seen at Skate City roller rink in Las Vegas. Brown then proceeds to chat with Teyana Taylor, who was also in attendance. Taylor is then seen turning her head to avoid chatting with Brown. The Virginia native then appeared frustrated with Taylor and began yelling at the A Thousand and One actress.

Usher is then seen attempting to mediate the situation, but the video did not capture what happened next. A short time later – out of nowhere – the You Remind Me singer is seen with a bloody nose, several sources have reported. Some people have now assumed Usher was attacked by Brown and his crew.

Despite what may have transpired, both Brown and Usher performed together at the Lover & Friends Festival and appeared to be in good spirits.

Neither Brown nor Usher has publicly spoken about the alleged incident.  

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