Meet the First Black Woman to Create a Plant-Based Infant Formula Startup

by Xara Aziz
The Sure Company

The founder and CEO of a revolutionary plant-based infant formula is redefining how newborns are consuming food.

April Kelly, an entrepreneur and mother of four, founded Sure!, knowing that parents needed innovative ways to approach childhood nutrition, so she began the company to defy norms and ignite discussions about parenting and healthy eating.

Moreover, Sure! is the first Black female-owned infant formula startup that is “laser focused on [a] mission to empower moms and parents to trust their ability to make the Sure! Choice,” according to its website.

The impetus behind Sure! was after Kelly struggled with postpartum depression knowing she would have to return to her burgeoning corporate career just six weeks after giving birth. So she decided to begin a career working for herself.

Furthermore, Kelly found that her daughter suffered an allergic reaction to a popular infant formula. That added to her need to find alternative ways to feed her daughter.

“Fueled by her maternal instincts and unwavering determination, [Kelly] embarked on a journey of research and experimentation, working closely with medical professionals, including her own trusted pediatrician and other food scientists,” reads a Black News report.

What makes Sure! different from the rest is that it forces parents and parents-to-be to have conversations about childhood nutrition. Specifically for Black women, Kelly felt she needed a product that tapped into representation in childhood nutrition as a way to protect them and ensure they grow healthy and strong.

Adding to Sure!’s impact, the company has collaborated with the non-profit organization Beast Philanthropy. Just as Sure! seeks to infiltrate the infant nutrition landscape, Beast Philanthropy “disrupts conventional philanthropy by focusing on empowering families, promoting education, and improving access to resources within underserved communities,” according to the report.

“The journey from battling postpartum depression to creating a pioneering infant formula startup has been an incredible one. Our collaboration with Beast Philanthropy takes our mission a step further by giving us the opportunity to support our local families directly,” Kelly said. “As a Black mom, I understand the unique challenges we face, and it’s a privilege to be in a position to make a difference.”

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