Monica Shocks Fans As She Appears To Faint During Electrifying Houston Concert

by Grace Somes
Monica || Image credit: @monicadenise

The Boy Is Mine songstress seemed to pass out in the middle of her concert in Houston, with fans saying she left in an ambulance.

In the viral footage online, Monica seemingly fainted on the side of the stage before a crew member whisked her away and into an ambulance. 

Milagro, a user on the X platform, captioned the viral clip, “The Houston streets are talking! They’re saying Monica left in an ambulance after passing out by the stairs. They say she came out late – 10:35 and people were walking out by 11:05. Concertgoers do say something seemed off.”

Last year in December, Monica confirmed her split from rapper C-Murder just over a month after they made it Instagram official. She also cleared the air regarding her former beef with Brandy.

“I got my heartbroken (again) and that’s ok! I learned yet another valuable lesson. I went through it, got over it, now I can laugh about it!” she wrote in an emotional post. 

Addressing her issues with Brandy, Monica wrote, “We are more than good. As far as she and I go, a lot of what people hear is about two teenage girls. Now we’re two grown women, that’s a completely different thing. So it’s something that I kind of wish would go away, to be very honest. I wish people would stop putting the two against each other.”

The “So Gone” singer is no stranger to health issues. The 43-year-old has struggled with several health issues throughout her life, including a heart condition she’s had since she was 18 called mitral valve prolapse. 

Monica often talked about her mitral valve prolapse, a heart condition that impedes the flap between the upper and lower chambers of her heart from closing properly between heartbeats. She’s also suffered from, and been hospitalized for, high blood pressure in the past, and has had multiple surgeries for endometriosis.

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