Naomi Osaka on Netflix Documentary Release: ‘I Was Terrified’

by Shine My Crown Staff

Naomi Osaka shared with her millions of followers that she was “terrified” to release her Netflix documentary.

“Naomi Osaka: Playing By Her Own Rules,” was released on Netflix on Friday.

On the day of the premiere, Osaka took to Instagram to pen a lengthy note to her fans, reflecting on her decision to create the documentary.

“This isn’t like a tennis match where I win or lose and from there people can say whether I did well or not,” she wrote in part. “This is a look into my life from certain time periods and I can’t fight the feeling of wondering how will it be received.”

The tennis star added that the project was “in some ways my soul and a reflection of who I am” and hoped that the project could be relatable to those watching.

Osaka made headlines when she left the French Open in a bid to preserve her mental health. Weeks later, she also announced that she would not be competing at the Wimbledon Open but informed supporters that she would be participating in the Tokyo Olympics.

“I hope there are pieces that people can relate to and maybe other pieces that would help people understand why I make the choices I make. If it doesn’t that’s cool too, it took me a while but I realize that I can’t please everyone and I’m really not trying to. When I go to sleep at night I can only hope I am at peace with myself and I hope the same thing rings true for anyone reading this. I’m excited/nervous for you guys to see it and I hope you enjoy it lol. Love you all and stay safe,” she wrote.

The reaction to the documentary has been remarkably positive. Osaka, who revealed this week that Mattel had immortalized her as a Barbie doll, can do no wrong in our eyes.

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