Ne-Yo’s Ex Charged with Child Cruelty for Helping Son Fight Another Child

by Xara Aziz
Left: Instagram @bagnerisekuws/Right: Big Stock Photo

The ex-girlfriend of Ne-Yo has found herself in hot water after being taken into custody for child cruelty charges.

Sade Bagnerise is accused of helping her son fight another child at a bus stop, according to a RadarOnline report.

In documents obtained by the media outlet, the suspect has been hit with a petition for a temporary protective order filed by a woman named Veronica Madison.

The petition states that Sade and her son, whom she does not share with Ne-Yo, “premeditated the act” by going to Madison’s neighborhood where they hid behind the bushes near a bus stop, then assaulted Madison’s son as he exited a school bus.

According to Madison, witnesses and camera footage show Bagnerise and her son punching Madison’s son.

The petition further states that Bagnerise kicked and placed “my son in a chokehold prior to spraying him in the face with pepper spray. Eyewitnesses notified law enforcement at which point [Sade] and her son fled the scene,” adding that witnesses remained at the scene to give an “account of what they saw to police.”

Madison says first responders were called to the scene to treat her son for pepper spray in his eyes, hair and body.

Following the incident, Madison says Bagnerise has continued to threaten her on social media, claiming that the suspect’s son has sent messages and has threatened to “kill my son on video.” 

“He’s also made threats to breach my home and inflict harm on my son, myself, my mother, repeatedly, with gunfire,” she claims. 

She continued: This is the 3rd altercation with my son” and Sade’s child. “All three times [Sade’s son] has summoned my son to fight. The last two times he’s attacked him without warning. Once at school and once at the bus stop.” 

At the time of this writing, Bagnerise has yet to respond to the claims.

This story is developing.

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