Nene Leakes Denies Her Son is Gay After Posting TikTik Video Implying So

by Xara Aziz

Real Housewives of Atlanta reality star Nene Leakes is clearing up rumors that her 23-year-old son Brentt Leakes is gay after he posted a TikTok video implying that he was coming out.

Brentt, who proudly showed the world his 100-pound weight loss, engaged in a popular TikTok trend called “If I miss, I’m gay.” In the video, he is seen shooting a crumpled-up piece of paper into a trash can and missing the shot. He captioned the video, “Damn #viral #fyp.”

On a recent episode of The Breakfast Club, his mother opened up about the rumor, which she said caused several family and friends to call her to confirm whether it was true.

“I was out of town, and I get all these text messages. ‘Oh my God, Brentt came out. He’s gay!’ I was like ‘He is!?’” the 55-year-old Cinderella star said with a laugh.

“Brentt is not gay,” she continued. “He did some popular TikTok trend and everybody is calling us up about if he’s gay or not. Is Brentt gay? I don’t know.” 

“Oh so it’s not true, he didn’t come out?” Charlamagne The God asked.

“Well, not to my knowledge,” Leakes replied. “He called me up and he was like, ‘Mom, everybody’s asking me if I’m gay because I did this TikTok video thing.’ And I said ‘It’s okay! If you are gay, it’s fine by me.’ And he was like, ‘Okay I’m not gay mom.’”

She added that shortly after her son posted the video online, she wasn’t sure why she was receiving so many calls from her friends.

“And then, just all my friends were calling him and calling me, concerned if he’s gay or not. I didn’t really know what’s the big deal! I don’t need to ask are you gay, what I like to say to people is, you know your happiness is the most important thing. Right? So whatever makes you happy. If my son today said that he was gay, I am 100% okay with it!”

She continued: “It would almost be like he said, ‘Do you want some tea?’ It would mean absolutely nothing to me. I believe that your happiness is the most important thing.”

Following the interview, Brent reposted the video of his mother addressing the rumors on his Instagram stories, adding several laughing emojis.

In October, singer Madonna also left fans confused when she took part in the TikTok trend.

Just four months ago, Brentt suffered a life-threatening stroke. Since then, he shared a before and after photo of him looking noticeably thinner.

“Focus on you until the focus is you. #100poundsdown,” he wrote.

Brentt is the youngest child of Leakes and her late husband Gregg Leakes, who died after a long battle with cancer in September 2021.

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