Receipts Fly As Sexyy Red And King Von’s Sister Battle Over Chief Keef

by Grace Somes
Kayla B and Sexyy Red || Image credit: @iamkaylab @sexyyred

A new love triangle drama has erupted between Sexyy Red, King Von’s sister, Kayla B, and rapper Chief Keef. The two women have used social media as their battleground, sharing their ‘receipts ‘ and each claiming to be in a relationship with the Chicago rap legend.

Both ladies donned petty boots to show closeness to the ‘Love No Th*tties’ rapper.

The drama started when Sexyy Red shared intimate photos and messages on Instagram, implying a romantic relationship with Chief Keef. The posts featured images of the two together and screenshots of affectionate texts, which sent her fans into a frenzy.

Keef and Red have worked together on several tracks, including “Bow Bow Bow (F My Baby Mama)” and “Ghetto Princess.”

Soon after, Kayla B, the late rapper King Von’s sister, joined the fray. She shared her own receipts, including videos and photos indicating that she, too, was in a relationship with Chief Keef. Kayla B’s posts showed the couple spending quality time together, which fueled the speculation and drama.

This prompted Sexyy Red to respond that she was over Keef after she noticed the rapper flirting with Kayla.

But she quickly changed her mind after Kayla B kept taunting her on Instagram with a photo of herself kissing Chief Keef.

On Wednesday (June 26), Sexyy Red responded to Kayla B with photos of herself allegedly holding Chief Keef’s Almighty Sosa chain. Her post included several pictures of her holding the chain in various positions, including wearing the jewelry in her pink knickers.

“We go together now mwah gimme ah kiss 💋 @chieffkeeffsossa,” she wrote in her caption.

Kayla B also rebounded with more photos on Instagram hanging out with Keef. In her caption, Kayla wrote, “Let’s be a familyyyyyy 😍😍😍 @sexyyred,” and the “SkeeYee” rapper replied, “How I taste?”

Things got even more interesting when Red posted more photos, this time of herself and Keef enjoying a taco meal.

On the other hand, Kayla returned with some explosive photos of Keef and her dressed in the same clothes he wore while eating with Red.

Kayla continued to challenge Sexyy on Instagram Stories, claiming she got her period blood on Keef’s clothes and mocking Red for seeing him anyway.

Sexyy Red has not responded to Kayla’s latest claim.

As the receipts continue to arrive and the drama plays out, many wonder if this is a genuine love triangle or an elaborate publicity stunt.

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