Relation Expert Thinks Prince Harry Could Be Jealous Of Meghan Markle’s Success

by Gee NY

A therapist and relationship expert based in the UK has been watching Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s relationship from a distance and has made an interesting observation.

Sally Baker believes the Duke of Sussex may be experiencing feelings of jealousy and insecurity due to his wife Meghan Markle’s rising celebrity status and success as they reintegrate into Hollywood life. She is concerned that Harry’s struggles may peak as Meghan’s fame and influence continue to grow.

Speaking to U.K.-based The Mirror, the therapist said Harry’s predicament is, however, understandable.

“Focusing on gratitude for their relationship helps keep things in perspective. Harry should avoid viewing Meghan’s success as a competition and instead see them as a team supporting each other.

“Her increased spotlight can also bring positive attention to his own aspirations. Therapy can provide a space for Harry to process any difficult emotions or insecurities that arise. He may need to work through some ingrained beliefs about gender, power and self-image. Unpacking vulnerabilities, fears and assumptions enables growth,” she said.

Baker cited Harry’s demeanor during a recent public appearance at Kevin Costner’s charity event, where, according to the therapist, Harry appeared “panicked,” “confused,” and “awkward,” while Meghan exuded confidence and dominance.

The event was filled with famous personalities such as Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, and Katy Perry’s parents, a lifestyle Meghan was accustomed to before her marriage to the Duke.

Meghan and Prince Harry’s love story began with a blind date in 2016 and peaked with a royal wedding in 2018.

But in 2020, following waves of British-tabloid harassment, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex made the decision to live their lives outside of the monarchy. 

Since then, the two have launched their own careers and projects—including Meghan’s award-winning podcastArchetypes, and Harry’s tell-all memoirSpare.

Prince Harry once said Meghan changed his life and helped “save” him from himself during a time when he felt “stuck” within the royal institution.

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