Remy Ma to Host New VH1 Show, ‘My True Crime Story’

by Shine My Crown Staff
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Rapper and reality television star Remy Ma has been announced as the host of VH1’s new series, “My True Crime Story.”

“Crimes🚨Headlines 📰Redemption ✊🏾 Hear the REAL story from the masterminds themselves! @mytruecrimestory premieres Monday, August 2nd at 10/9c on @vh1 Narrated by Me! #RemyMa. Sidebar: It’s like watching true crime shows in my living room with me while I’m commentating 🍿 Double Sidebar: I try to keep the “are you dumb” s to a minimum 😂,” Remy Ma captioned a video on Instagram.

Some will understand why Remy Ma is the perfect host for the show.

In 2008, she was convicted of the shooting of Makeda Barnes-Joseph. Remy Ma said that the gun was accidentally discharged while she and Barnes struggled over her purse after she claimed she had been of $3,000.

The rapper Remy Ma was eventually charged with intentional assault, weapons possession and attempted coercion and sentenced to eight years in the penitentiary but was released in 2016 after serving six years. Three years later, she was released from supervised parole.

During an interview with FADER, Remy Ma spoke about the unjust prison system — calling for change.

“There’s too much room for opinion in something that determines people’s lives. One of the guys in the Bobby Shmurda GS9 case ended up with 117 years, and the headline said he was originally offered a 15 year plea deal that he rejected,” she explained.

“I don’t know what his case is, I don’t know what he did, what was his charges, or whatever. The point that sticks out to me is if you offer me 15 years, how regardless of what happened at that trial do we end up at 117? How? That’s life. This is what I be talking about. That doesn’t make sense. If I commit a crime that warrants 15 years and you’re willing to give me 15 years, that’s it. There’s no way after trial I should end up with 117 years,” she declared. “And I’m very passionate about it. Not just because I lived it but because I’ve seen it. When you’re in there seven years you get to hear so many different stories, and it’s disgusting the way this country operates off the prison system. We have the most people incarcerated out of every country in the entire world. Countries that have five and ten times as many people as we do have less people incarcerated. Why is that?”

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