‘RHONY’s Bershan Shaw Addresses Firing Rumors: ‘Nobody Wants to Get the Axe’

by Shine My Crown Staff
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“Real Housewives of New York” star Berhan Shaw has only just joined the show — and are already there are rumors that she is getting the chop and will not be invited back for the 14th season.

“Nobody wants to get the axe,” Bershan told HollywoodLife during an episode of TVTalk. “I think we’re in a different time. COVID made us reset, rethink and rethink all of this stuff. I think all the girls and it’s an ensemble cast and it’s needed.”

Bershan joined the 13th season as a friend of the show. She has become close to several of the cast members, especially Ramona Singer — but has had some tension with the show’s only other Black Housewife, Eboni K. Williams.

“Eboni has a cause and she is trying to teach and show them, but I think you got to know your audience,” Bershan explained to TooFab earlier this month. “You can’t just sort of slam it in people’s face. I think it’s a way you do it — everybody’s different and they learn different, and they want to hear it differently, so there’s no negativity against Ebony because she has a cause and she wants to teach and this is what she wants to do. So I think she’s trying to let them get it and talk about it all the time and I think they’re not learning like that, they’re not getting it, you got to know your audience.”

As the show battles flagging ratings, Bravo execs are trying to work out how to revive the series. There have been reports of firings and rehirings.

Bershan thinks they should all be invited back for the next season.

“In the defense you guys, it was COVID,” Bershan told HL. “You couldn’t have — You couldn’t kiki and party like a rockstar. COVID was there. You couldn’t have 3 people in a room, 5 people in a room. It was hard. Everything was hard and difficult, so I think that was it. Don’t beat us up that bad, come on audience. Stay with us! We love you. It was hard with COVID. I think all the girls and it’s an ensemble cast and it’s needed. I think it’s just a reset in everybody’s mind. Even in life, the girls, everyone has different story lines. I think it’s a huge reset for Bravo, Andy and all of that stuff. I think all of the girls are needed. I think they’re all batshit crazy. I am too!”

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