Sexyy Red Slams Fans Asking About Her Kids: ‘They’re Clean And Fed, Check That!’

by Grace Somes
Sexyy Red || Image credit: @sexyyred

Sexyy Red draws the line on family questions about the whereabouts of her kids. The rapper also implied that these inquisitive fans are lusting after her kids.

The St. Louis rapper is renowned for raising the stakes with her songs, but this week, she’s raising the stakes on a different subject: her personal life.

Rapper Sexyy Red recently responded angrily to questions about her children’s whereabouts and welfare on social media. The outspoken musician, who is renowned for her audacious demeanor and honest lyrics, used Instagram Live to criticize people who were doubting her ability to parent, calling a few of them “pedophiles.”

Earlier this year, Sexyy Red gave birth to her second child, which didn’t affect her energy level.

The controversy reportedly started when fans asked questions about Red’s children in their comments. The rapper didn’t seem to be having any of it. Red allegedly used strong language to stop the invasive questions in a video to put the questions to rest.

“Why [are] y’all worried about my kids? They’re right here. They’re cool. They’re fed. They’re good,” the 26-year-old declared in an Instagram video on Wednesday, June 12. “Go have some kids and worry about them dirty a** b***hes.”

The rapper continued fiercely addressing the public’s curiosity about her personal affairs.

“You don’t know me,” she said. “Y’all be too invested in these celebrity lives. That’s just so crazy to me. I feel like that’s some pervert a** st. Why do you wanna see my kids, bh? You f*kin’ pedophile.”

Despite her loud personality online, Sexyy Red revealed to Billboard why she has decided to keep the identity of her children’s father hidden, especially after making countless songs about him.

“Cause I don’t need anyone in my business — like, why you want to be so nosy? Mind your f**king business,” she told the interviewer when asked about the mystery man.

For her second baby shower, the “Pound Town” rapper posed for pictures with her partner but blurred out his face.

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