Sheree Whitfield Weighs In on Kenya Moore’s RHOA Exit, Throws Shade at Brittany Eady

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“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kenya Moore has been making headlines recently due to her ongoing feud with newcomer Brittany Eady.

Brittany, who is filming her first season of RHOA, clashed with Kenya during production.

The tension escalated when Kenya allegedly presented explicit photos of Brittany at her hair salon opening and accused her of insurance fraud.

In response, Brittany took to Instagram Stories, claiming public humiliation and reposting Georgia’s revenge porn law. Kenya denied any wrongdoing.

As the controversy grew, Kenya was placed on suspension while Bravo investigated her actions.

During the investigation, rumors about Kenya’s status swirled, frustrating her and leading to claims of false stories targeting her.

Ultimately, it was decided that Kenya would not return for Season 16. While some sources suggested she was fired, others reported that she chose to leave due to dissatisfaction with the situation’s handling.

Fans of RHOA felt that this drama overshadowed the burgeoning friendship between Porsha Williams and Kenya.

Sheree Whitfield and Brittany Eady Trade Jabs

In a recent TMZ interview outside a grocery store, Sheree Whitfield shared her thoughts on Kenya’s departure. Sheree, also not returning for Season 16, expressed disappointment.

“I hate to see my girl Kenya go out like that. As an OG, it’s kind of hard to sit back and watch the show slowly sink the way it is. So I’m not happy. I don’t like it,” Sheree said.

When asked about her potential return to RHOA, Sheree hinted at the need for veteran presence:

“As an OG, I always feel like an OG’s presence is welcomed or needed on the series no matter what capacity. So I never say never. If the coin is right, I just might.”

After the interview went viral, Brittany Eady threw shade on Instagram, writing, “TMZ In Atlanta…interesting .”

Sheree quickly responded, “Alleged scammers on housewives… interesting .”

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