Sukihana in Social Media Entanglement with Slim Jxmmi’s Ex After Posting Pictures with Him on Instagram  

by Xara Aziz
Credit: Instagram @sukihanahoe

TV personality and rapper Sukihana was in recent digital fisticuffs with the ex-girlfriend to her rumored boyfriend Slim Jxmmi and it’s got many people talking.

It all began when the 31-year-old Delaware native, who also goes by Suki, posted a picture of her with one half of the hip hop duo Rae Sremmurd. In one image, Slim Jxmmi is seen cupping the Throw That Thang rapper’s behind while she passionately holds his face as they pose in front of a white Mercedes Benz.

“Ask Jimmi how much he paid for my hair appointment today,” she captioned the post.  

The pictures went viral soon after, causing Slim Jxmmi’s ex-girlfriend Kiara to inject her thoughts.

“The most attention [Slim Jxmmi has] gotten since SremmLife 2 and knocking [her] teeth back,” she wrote in the pictures, which she reposted. 

She added: “He’s blocked for a reason. People do not change. Had to learn to stop feeling bad and making excuses for how he treats me. I love myself, my son and my PH balance more. I wish them the best though. This is the attention he needs from Stremm4. Y’all go get that in April,” the Instagram model wrote.

Her comments come on the heels of images she shared of bruises and a bloodied mouth she says were caused by abuse Slim Jxmmi inflicted on her. At the time, she accused him of physically assaulting her in front of his friends while she was pregnant. She further revealed that she retracted a statement she made to police about him ripping her hair extensions out and chasing her around their home.

But back to the situation at hand. After Kiara reposted the pictures of Slim Jxmmi and her alleged new boo, Sukihana chose to post that no one sent her the photos, implying that there was no need for her to repost them.

Kiara then responded, “lmao he was just on my story trying to play family three weeks ago. Now why wouldn’t my friends, family and followers send me that. Don’t be delusional and I don’t follow you my love. He told me months ago y’all are friends and you’re not his type. And it’s all fun. So I don’t know why I’m even taking this serious lord.”

Sukihana then clapped back: “Stop thinking these [ninja emoji] don’t love a lil chocolate they do! Girl you don’t know what his type is he said he ain’t got one.”

Kee then responded by posting on her IG Story.

“I was not coming at her IN NO WAY and neither was he. Lmfao I’m relaying what he said to me and I was responding to her. Y’all have to relax and stop making everything about color. I’m Black too. He loves darkskin women and so I. She’s thick. He weighs 100 pounds. That’s it.”

A source revealed to The Shade Room that Slim Jxmmi and Kiara have been seeing a therapist for eight months after briefly separating, but Kiara decided to call things off after she discovered he was cheating.

To date, Slim Jxmmi has not responded to the back and forth between his alleged new romance and old flame. 

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