SZA Unveils New Crocs Collab to Raise Awareness During Mental Health Month: ‘That Stigma Needs to Be Done Away With’

by Shine My Crown Staff
Image Credit: CROCS/ Sage Adams
Voiced by Amazon Polly

SZA has unveiled her extremely unique and impactful new collab with Crocs on

The collaboration is to bring attention to mental health and self-care during Mental Health Month. The singer’s special edition line features a custom woodgrain pattern on the Crocs Classic Clog and the Classic Slide with assistance from her close pals, Sage Adams, Yaris Sanchez and Donte Colley.

SZA also curated a collection of Jibbitz; a miniature tiny evil eye, a little Earth, a fish, an asthma pump, a mushroom, a friendship bracelet that reads “SZA,” and an amethyst to add as personal charms for your pair.

In an interview to promote the new collaboration, she shared why raising awareness around mental health was so important to her.

“I come from a Black family [where] even though my parents are really liberal, my grandparents, my cousins, and my aunts are really conservative,” SZA tells The Cut. “That conservative energy is not in a right-wing sense; it’s more like “Don’t talk about your problems, don’t complain, be grateful for the bare minimum even if you feel like you want more, do not express that you want more for yourself.” It’s like you want to just be non-problematic. And even mental health and expressing moments of struggle and depression can be seen as problematic. I feel like that stigma needs to be done away with. I feel we’re getting farther away from it as a Black community, but also we’re still plagued with unrealistic expectations of how we can be, how we can survive.

“She continued, “We’ve been in survival mode for so long as a diaspora. There’s so much more to dissecting the quality of life that we deserve and really just going after that, and mental health is the cornerstone of discovering the quality of life we truly deserve as people of color, as Black people.”

Continue reading over at The Cut.

The Crocs are currently on sale. The Classic Clog will set you back $70 or you can purchase the Classic Slide for $40.

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