Tracee Ellis Ross Flaunts Her Toned 51-Year-Old Body On Ultimate Solo Vacation We All Dream Of

by Grace Somes
Tracee Ellis Ross || Image credit: @traceeellisross

Tracee Ellis Ross is making us all drool over the epic “out of the office” solo vacation we all need this summer.

Tracee Ellis Ross, the epitome of empowerment, reigns as the queen of solo travel. Year after year, she graces someone’s island or poolside, showcasing how to embrace life on her own terms.

For the celebrated actress, solo travel is not just a vacation; it’s a rejuvenating journey, the highest form of self-care.

Her popular television roles in Girlfriends and Black-ish helped her become well-known and garnered numerous nominations and honors, including an Emmy and a Golden Globe for Black-ish.

In 2019, Tracee Ellis Ross ventured into the beauty industry with Pattern Beauty, a line of tools and products that celebrate and cater to curly or coily hair, showcasing her entrepreneurial prowess.

Even though Ross loves her job, she discovers that taking time off to travel is essential to caring for herself.

The 51-year-old style icon and actress recently caused a stir on social media by sharing glimpses of our dream solo vacation, during which she effortlessly showed off her incredibly toned body.

She uploaded a carousel of photos for her fans on Instagram. From the pics, the vacation featured an idyllic scene behind a tranquil pool and her breathtaking body in a flowery, yellow two-piece bikini with a glass of champagne sitting prettily on the edge.

In another photo, Ross donned a bright purple-blue swimsuit, displaying her legs. More images from the collection detail a much-needed experience.

Tracee Ellis Ross, who grew up traveling with her superstar mom, Diana Ross, acknowledged in an interview published on Travel+Leisure that traveling is affordable and that “having the time in one’s life to travel is a luxury.”

In April, Ross announced she was making a docu-series about her solo travels.

She wrote on Instagram on 26 April, “I’m a solo traveling broad, and I want y’all to come with me as I explore! And when I say explore, I mean wear my pretty clothes, eat yummy food, dive into art & culture, and get into hotel pools ☺️ Our time together will include me meticulously, laboriously, and sometimes ridiculously preparing for these explorations. Basically, Imma do my Instagram, but on TV!

“I hope this show reminds all of us that we can live our lives courageously on our own terms and be our best selves, by ourselves, out in the world. All this will debut exclusively on @therokuchannel in 2025.”

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