TT Torrez Denies Shading Nicki Minaj After Animated Rap Has No Sustainability Comment

by Grace Somes
TT Torrez and Nicki Minaj || Image credit: @tttorrez @nickiminaj

Renowned music industry personality TT Torrez was recently at the center of a contentious debate after her remarks regarding the viability of animated rap were interpreted as a slight against rap mogul Nicki Minaj.

The controversy began during a recent interview when Torrez was asked to give advice to an aspiring rapper who idolizes Nicki Minaj.

In her response, Torrez stated, “My fking son can do that fking shit off his iPhone in two minutes. And I put on stage to f**king Doja, she will eat you alive because she’s more than just an animated rapper.”

After the media blog The Neighborhood Talk reposted the video on its platform, Torrez’s remark quickly sparked a backlash from Minaj’s loyal fanbase, the Barbz, who interpreted it as an indirect criticism of their idol’s distinctive style.

Torrez addressed the matter head-on in the comments section amid the escalating controversy.

“I never entertained the comments, but you internet gangstas must use better comprehension skills!

“1. Londell asked her who were her top 3 favorite rappers she responded, Cardi, Doja Cat, and Nicki, in that order! 2.Then the question was asked what do you like about them she responded because they were animated, and then it was asked what else do you like about them? For example, their live performances, producing skills, delivery, etc…. She couldn’t answer. The only thing she could answer was that they were animated! So the part you Don’t see from the clip, but you will see on the show, is that the point I was making is that all 3 of HER favorite rappers are more than just an animated rapper! And it’s an insult to think that’s all they do! That being one thing is a one-trick pony!” TT Torrez clarified.

    The radio host also emphasized that her comments were meant to be constructive advice for up-and-coming artists, not a critique of Minaj’s career.

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